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Do you host or support startups? Have a program to coach entrepreneurs?

2PS can help your startups connect to the right assistance - within your expertise and beyond.

The benefits:
  • Give your startup hub access to the best professionals
  • Reduce operating expenses of your accelerator
  • Access data and metrics of the services consumed within your program

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Does your organization manage numerous contracts with many independent consultants?

Are you losing the expertise of your former employees with years of experience within your firm?

If you're looking to improve your employees' retirement benefits, consider partnering with 2PS. We can create a custom platform for you to manage all your former employees and external consultants.

The benefits:
  • Easily track all your consulting operations
  • Better tackle time consuming governance activities
  • Manage everything with one mobile app, designed specifically for your firm
  • Be free of thousands of outsourcing solutions
  • Make your consulting costs more balanced

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Do you run a business incubator or a coworking space? There are many things that are usually included in the package when renting an office space, but they are usually goods such as desks, computers and coffee machines. While these are things that a young business definitely needs, there are also other very important things that it could use to grow.

Are advisory services something that the businesses in your space could benefit from? Why not offer expert advice as part of your package? Before you know it, your space will be the #1 hotspot for up and coming businesses!

Both you and your renters can take advantage of the 2PS network. Partner with us and get great benefits!

The benefits:
  • Access to our network of consultants from every background
  • Free consulting credits
  • Rewards such as new equipment for your office
  • Exclusive events and workshops for your renters

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Interested? Have other ideas on how we can collaborate? We'd love to have you on board with us. Contact us!